Marine Coatings

Reduce your maintenance time and increase protection service life with our TGMG line of ORCA anti-corrosion coatings and films. Our ORCA products and our paint strippers align with our company philosophy of finding and delivering non-hazardous, high-quality environmentally friendly products and programs that are unique worldwide. These products should absolutely line up with your corporate commitment to producing high-quality results with a positive environmental impact that you can market to your customers and beyond.

ORCA Skin Coatings

ORCA vinyl films are applied like wallpaper and cure within 48 hours. They eliminate the need to apply multiple coats of paint primer and paint, and they last for up to five years below the water and up to 10 years above the water. They are used for protecting oil rigs, water-based wind turbines and numerous land-based assets such as pipelines, storage tanks and cleanrooms.

  • TGMG ORCA Anti Corrosion Film
  • TGMG ORCA Magic Primer
  • TGMG ORCA Anti Fouling
  • TGMG PS1 & PS2 – Environmentally Non-Hazardous Paint Stripper

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