About TGMG

Innovative and sustainable solutions are our passion. We are committed to helping the owners and managers of cruise ships, yachts, cargo and tanker ships, and oil rigs, as well as fishing, naval, research and other marine vessels to meet their air and water quality requirements through detailed process management plans and the use of proven products and systems.

Our business integrity is a critical asset, and we are committed to upholding it worldwide by helping you bring the big picture into focus. We set high goals, and we achieve them through fair business practices and ethical behavior. We know that meeting requirements for safe, clean and sanitary water and air goes beyond the letter of the law. Your passengers, customers and clients put their trust in you to meet their own high standards. You, in turn, put your trust in us.

Trust has fueled our growth over three decades of business. TGMG representatives are trained to listen to, respond to and anticipate your needs. With regular service calls, surveys and audits, professional consulting, installations, and scheduled preventive maintenance, we will take care of your systems and programs, giving you the freedom to take care of your business.

Peter Coletto

As the Founder and President, Peter Coletto is the driving force of TGMG Inc. With experience in marine- and land-based water treatment, public health, design, environmental impact, and product and process innovation, he has developed the ability to define the issues facing marine operations managers and create action plans they can carry out to meet compliance needs and stay ahead of evolving regulations worldwide.

Peter is equally at home onboard a ship, at a drydock facility or in a corporate office, where he can listen and observe before making the recommendations that improve his clients’ business.

You can reach him worldwide by:
Mobile Phone: +1-954-683-1532
Email: peter@theglobalmarinegroup.com